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Body Psychotherapy is a holistic approach to psychotherapy which works with the person as a whole - mind, body and soul. We will usually start by talking in chairs and often this takes up the whole session but there are also possibilities to work sitting on the floor, lying on a mat or massage table, standing up or moving around. The way we work will depend on what feels helpful for you at that moment. Together we will explore what supports you to feel secure & grounded, to take your space, to feel comfortable in your own skin, to feel connected to the world around you and to embody your experience of being who you are with fullness and ease.

The theoretical origins of Body Psychotherapy have many strands. Willhelm Reich was a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst during the early to middle part of the 20th century who found that working with the body was key to understanding unconsious thoughts and emotions. Gerda Boyesen was a Norwegian physiotherapist who developed Biodynamic Massage - a form of psychotheraputic massage often used within Body Psychotherapy. During the middle to later part of the century she developed what is now known as Biodynamic Psychotherapy. Countless other practitioners have contributed and are still contributing their own theories and approaches to this continuously growing and expanding field.

Body Psychotherapy is a UKCP (UK Council for Psychotherapy) accredited form of psychotherapy. It is long-term and a typical therapy process takes a couple of years or longer. Sessions are 60 minutes each, taking place once a week at the same time and place. The therapist is there to provide their full presence and offer their support and expertise. The process is guided by your experience from moment to moment. It is designed to fully honour your individuality. You are encouraged to express what you find helpful or not helpful, what you like or don't like.

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